Our brand new project in cooperation with Creativ Suisse TV/AG

The basic idea

The 10 – part film series ARABIAN AFFAIRS – DUBAI CONNECTIONS is to be shown on the streaming platforms of NETFLIX, AMAZON etc. It is an exciting mixture of a love affair between a German woman and an Arab man, but also a crime thriller, because it is about a lot of money and power and a place of wealth, like DUBAI, naturally attracts from all countries those who believe there is something to get here, even in a criminal way.

The main protagonists KARIMA and JULIA also stand for social differences and respective sensitivities, but also for the fact that feelings and love can overcome all differences.

The actual main characters are, among others, the fantastic settings in the electrifying metropolis of DUBAI and its exotic surroundings. In addition, the series offers action and exciting, highly entertaining stories from “1000 and one nights” for the whole family. Of course, this film series is also a great advertisement for DUBAI and the Arabian

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